STAC Reports

Date Title Download Lead Person(s)
2/06/14 Dissolved Oxygen Standards to Protect Aquatic Life in the Tidal Freshwater Delaware River.STAC Brief Download Report Kahn, D., D. Kreeger, J.Mohler, E. Silldorff, S. Kilham, W. Eldridge
8/8/13 Regional Sediment Management Plan
White Paper – Sediment Quantity & Dynamics
White Paper – Dredging and Dredged Material Management
White Paper – Restoration and Beneficial Use
White Paper – Sediment Quality
RSM Appendicies
See column to the left Delaware Estuary Regional Sediment Management Workgroup
3/16/11 Natural Gas Drilling in the Delaware River Basin. STAC questions and comments. Download Report Danielle Kreeger, Susan Kilham, David Velinsky, Daniel J. Soeder, Jerre Mohler
11/23/10 R.M. Anderson and D.Kreeger. Potential for Impairment of Freshwater Mussel Populations in DRBC Special Protection Waters as a Consequence of Natural Gas Exploratory Well Development. Report produced by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Parntership for the Delaware Estuary. November 23, 2010 Download Report Danielle Kreeger, Desmond Kahn, John Kraeuter, Susan Kilham, David Velinsky
7/27/10 Oil Spill Preparedness in the Delaware Estuary. STAC questions and comments. Download Report Danielle Kreeger, Desmond Kahn, John Kraeuter, Susan Kilham, David Velinsky
12/12/08 Options/alternatives in the Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for Oyster Restoration in Chesapeake Bay Including the Use of a Native and/or Nonnative Oysters. PDE public comments to ACOE on non-native oyster introduction Download Report Jennifer Adkins
4/23/08 Channel Deepening Questions raised by the STAC. STAC questions, and includes attached brief “Effects of Proposed Channel Deepening on the Sediment Budget and Marshes of the Delaware Estuary,” by Desmond M. Kahn and Christopher Sommerfield Download Report Dan Soeder, Danielle Kreeger
1/15/08 Questions Regarding the Flexible Flow Management Plan. PDE public comments to DRBC on water withdrawals Download Report Jen Adkins, Martha Maxwell-Doyle, Danielle Kreeger
6/25/07 Summary of Comments Received on Dupont Delaware River Study Phase I Download
1/25/06 White paper on the status and needs of science in the Delaware Estuary. 2006. Kreeger, D., R. Tudor, J. Sharp, S. Kilham, D. Soeder, M. Maxwell-Doyle, J. Kraeuter, D. Frizzera, J. Hameedi and C. Collier. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Report No. 06-01. 72 pp. Download
Compiled from the 2005 Delaware Estuary Science & Management Conference