Welcome to the STAC

The Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) is a diverse body of scientists and resource managers who lend their technical expertise to enhance the health of the Delaware Estuary and its resources. The STAC work collaboratively to provide expert advice and peer review for scientific and technical matters related to the National Estuary Program’s activities and goals. The STAC is responsible for identifying and prioritizing science and technical needs, and it assists in PDE’s efforts to raise awareness and funding resources. STAC members assist PDE by serving on other technical committees, and representing the needs of the Delaware Estuary. In addition to general quarterly meetings, STAC sub-committees get their hands dirty by meeting more frequently to work on pressing issues.

Roles & Functions

  • Provide advice and peer review
  • Advance the Delaware Estuary Management Plan (CCMP)
  • Advance needs elevated in the 2006 White Paper
  • Development of issues papers and identifying emerging issues
  • Steering group for the Delaware Estuary Science Conference
  • Assist in refreshing the Partnership’s estuary science needs assessment
  • Integrate needs of the Delaware Estuary across physical, chemical, and biological dimensions of the system
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among other specialized science and technical committees
  • Help to raise national awareness for the unique qualities and environmental importance of the Delaware Estuary
  • Assist in identifying funding opportunities to address science needs and advance the overall NEP science agenda

STAC Charter

More details about the STAC can be found in its Charter


Regular meetings of the Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) are held approximately each quarter and are open to the public. Agendas will be posted here, on this page in advance. Committee meetings are generally held at the PDE’s office in Wilmington. Questions, comments or suggestions regarding the STAC can be addressed to either Dorina Frizzera, Committee Chair, or LeeAnn Haaf, PDE STAC advisor.

66May 14, 2024AgendaRoundtable Updates - May 2024
65January 31, 2024AgendaMinutesPriority Rankings
Roundtable Updates: Jan 2024
64December 19, 2023Workshop AgendaMinutesSTAC Workshop Overview
2024 STAC Workplan
TREB Needs and MINA Ranking Table - December 2023
63October 25, 2023AgendaDELEP Steering Committee Approved BIL Year 3 Project List (April2023)
62May 17, 2023AgendaMinutesDRBC MACC Slides
61February 8, 2023AgendaMinutes2023 Summit Feedback Responses
DELEP BIL Years 3-5 Proposed Projects
White Paper on the Status and Needs of Science in the Delaware Estuary
60October 19, 2022AgendaMinutesTREB 2022 Plan Update
2023 Summit Update for STAC
Summit venue and funding for STAC
Revised Year 1 and 2 BIL Funding
59May 24, 2022AgendaMinutesCombined DRBC MACC Presentations
2023 PDE Science Summit Update
TREB 2022 Update
58March 10, 2022AgendaMinutesTREB 2022 Plan Update
TREB 2022 Indicator Update Spreadsheet
TREB 2022 Timeline
Draft NEP 2022 NEP Funding Work Plan
EPA LCDA Project Overview
57December 2, 2021AgendaMinutesWaterPACT in the Delaware River and Bay - Ben Maurer, NREL
2021 PDE Science Summit Survey Results
TREB 2022 Update
Urban Waters Federal Partnership Presentation
2021 NEPORT Update
2023 NEP Funding Update
56June 9, 2021Draft AgendaMinutes Monitoring Inventory and Needs Assessment (2021-05-30)
PDE Revised CCMP Content Checklist
TREB 2022 Update
Non-Tidal Chlorine Monitoring Update (DRBC)
PFAS Update (DRBC)
DRBC Monitoring Updates
55April 5, 2021AgendaMinutes2021 DELEP Agreement (Working Draft)
TREB 2022 Update
54November 18, 2020AgendaMinutes Delaware Estuary Monitoring Update, November 2020
TREB 2022 Plan
DRBC Non-tidal Chlorine Monitoring Update
53October 28, 2020AgendaMinutes2020 NEPORT Results
2020 CCMP Tracking Highlights Presentation
52April 29, 2020AgendaMinutesSTAC Revised Charter Markup
Delaware Estuary Monitoring Report Table of Contents
STAC and MACC Priorities Development List
51January 8, 2020Agenda Draft Minutes Delaware Estuary Monitoring Inventory and Assessment Update
Shoreline Characteristics and SAV Health Micro Seminar
Freshwater Mussels Micro Seminar
50October 21, 2019Agenda Draft Minutes 2019 CCMP Tracking Results
2019 Habitat and Leveraging Projects for NEPORT
2019 DRBC Update
49June 18, 2019Agenda Minutes
48April 1, 2019Agenda Minutes Delaware Estuary CCMP and Monitoring Inventory Update
Delaware Estuary Monitoring Inventory Summary Report
MuCWI Overview
MuCWI Fact Sheet
47Oct. 24, 2018Agenda Minutes 2018 NEPORT Results
Monitoring Inventory and Needs Assessment Update
2019 Science & Environmental Summit Update
46May 31, 2018Agenda Minutes Eutrophication Model Development Monitoring 2018
Upper Estuary Primary Productivity Sampling & Ichthyoplankton Augmentation
CCMP Revision Update - Public Comment Period
45Feb. 20, 2018Agenda Minutes CCMP Revision - Updates & Next Steps
44Sept. 18, 2017Agenda Minutes 2017 NEPORT Results
CCMP Revision
River Ecosystem Processes
43Apr. 25, 2017Agenda MinutesDRBC Water Quality TREB Update
DRBC Nitrate Spectral Analyzer Deployment at Trenton and Chester
CCMP Revision Update
CCMP Monitoring Section and 2018 Workshop
DRBC Links to Data and Dashboards and Apps
DRBC Boat Run Radiochemistry Results
DRBC Existing Water Quality Measurable Change Assessment
DRBC 2016 Sediment Sampling
42Jan. 12, 2017AgendaMinutesTREB Update Water Quality
TREB Update Water Quantity
Climate Change Workbook
41Sept. 28, 2016AgendaMinutesRegional Sediment Management Implementation Workgroup Update
40June 20, 2016AgendaMinutesOyster Updates and Shellfishery Needs
39Mar. 8, 2016AgendaMinutes
38Dec. 14, 2015AgendaMinutes
37Sept. 10, 2015AgendaMinutes
36May 20, 2015AgendaMinutesNEP Tasks
CCMP Planning Presentation
35Feb. 24, 2015AgendaMinutes
34Dec. 11, 2014AgendaMinutesMeasurable Goals Worksheet
33Sept. 11, 2014AgendaMinutes2014 Projects and Results
32Apr. 16, 2014AgendaMinutes
31Mar. 6, 2014AgendaMinutesDanielle's Presentation
John Yagecic's Presentation
30Dec. 5, 2013AgendaMinutesDraft DO Brief
29Sept. 5, 2013AgendaMinutesGoals/CCMP Presentation
Regional Sediment Management Plan
White Paper - Sediment Quantity & Dynamics
White Paper - Dredging and Dredged Material Management
White Paper -Restoration and Beneficial Use
White Paper - Sediment Quality
RSM Appendicies
28May 1, 2013AgendaMinutes
27Jan. 8, 2013AgendaMinutes