Perennial Pages

PDE’s quarterly newsletter about helping you maintain your garden!

Many gardens and wildlife habitats struggle with proper maintenance. Perennial Pages is a newsletter geared toward helping remind you of the things gardens need throughout the year, like when/what to water or how to prune.  We have tips and tricks for maintenance, while simultaneously providing habitat for local wildlife. There are also features on native plants and other garden-related topics. See the most recent issues below. Better yet, subscribe to this publication, and you can get the latest issue sent right to your inbox!




Native Seedling Guide

Having trouble identifying those small plants in your garden? Are you asking yourself “was this something I planted, or is this something new? Is this something I don’t want?”  The “Native Seedlings of the Delaware Estuary: A Guide to Perennial and Other Herbaceous Seedlings” is now available to help you figure it out! The guidebook contains 50+ common native plants used in backyard pollinator and rain gardens. Each page includes a picture of the species as a young plant, the adult version, tips for identification, and the plant’s usual growing conditions and wildlife use. Click below to check out the guidebook!




Check Out Episodes of Wonderful Plant Wednesday

For more information about native plants, watch our series, “Wonderful Plant Wednesday With Sarah Bouboulis.”

The show aired every Wednesday during the summer of 2020 on Facebook, but you can view all episodes here!


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