Christina CleanupThink Globally, Act Locally

Make April 2021 a month to do some spring cleaning in the Christina River Watershed!

The 2021 Christina River Watershed Cleanup is on! This year, we want you to think about sites that are close to home — your neighborhood, your local parks, your local streams. What trash can you clean up to keep it out of the Christina River Watershed?  That way, you can do your part for the environment, but safely! And safety is key, right?

Instead of one day of cleanup, this year’s campaign runs through the whole month of April!

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The mission of the Christina River Watershed Cleanup is to remove man-made debris from within the watershed, while raising public awareness for pollution prevention.  Since the first cleanup in 1992, volunteers for this annual event have cleared more than 360 tons of tires, appliances, household items, and other trash from rivers and creeks in the watershed of the Christina River Basin. These rivers and creeks include the Brandywine River, White Clay Creek, Red Clay Creek, and of course, the Christina River.  The watershed provides more than 75 percent of the water supply for residents and businesses in New Castle County, Delaware.

Trash doesn’t remove itself. We need people to step up and help. This is a great volunteer opportunity for everyone!