The Wetland Assessment Tool for Condition and Health (WATCH) is a tool to provide guidance to restoration practitioners in evaluating multiple aspects of current and future tidal salt marsh conditions. The ultimate goal of WATCH is to provide a method to evaluate the weight of evidence regarding ecological deficiency at a site to inform thoughtful decision-making in the context of different management goals and the appropriate selection of restoration tactics.

Recently, PDE hosted a training and demonstration on WATCH for restoration practitioners in the Mid-Atlantic region. This training included an overview of WATCH, application examples, input data guidance, and explanations on how to interpret outputs. A link to a recording of the training, the WATCH user guide, the WATCH tool, and other resources are below.

WATCH introduction video

WATCH training recording

WATCH training presentations

WATCH User Guide (Last updated: March 2021)



This site will be updated periodically with the latest version of WATCH.

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