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If you live, work or play in the Delaware Estuary, our plan matters to you!

The Delaware Estuary – the tidal Delaware River and Bay – is the heart of the Delaware River Watershed. It spans from Trenton, NJ to Philadelphia, PA to Lewes, DE and relies on clean water from streams throughout the watershed, including those in the Delaware, Schuylkill, and Brandywine river valleys, and along the bay shores of Delaware and New Jersey. The Revised Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) for the Delaware Estuary aims to make watershed improvements to benefit millions of people who live, work, and play in the tri-state region (PA, NJ, DE).  The original 1996 CCMP became the founding document of the Delaware Estuary Program and established the first goals and targets for habitats, waters, and a high quality of life for residents of the Delaware Estuary.

Much has changed since 1996, including many plans and programs that advanced the original vision of the CCMP. In an effort to make the CCMP a living document, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary worked with members of the Steering Committee, the Estuary Implementation Committee, the Science and Technical Advisory Committee, local partners, experts, and stakeholders to establish a revised set of goals and strategies for achieving and tracking improvements to the heath of the Delaware Estuary. This revised plan seeks to continue and accelerate that improvement over the next 10 years. We would like to acknowledge the generous support received from the William Penn Foundation, which enabled PDE to thoroughly engage a wide range of stakeholders into this revision process. Financial support for this effort also was received through PDE’s Section 320 National Estuary Program Funding.

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2019 Revised CCMP Summary Brochure

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and other Delaware Estuary Program partners would like to thank all local partners, experts, and stakeholders who attended meetings and workshops, provided comments, and worked with PDE during the CCMP Revision process.
CCMP Tracking Results
2021 Monitoring Inventory and Needs Assessment - Addendum to the 2019 CCMP
2019-2020 CCMP Strategy Tracking Database (excel download, also available for viewing via Google Sheets HERE )
Map of CCMP Activities (Note: Only project entries where spatial data was provided have points on this map)
2019 CCMP Tracking Highlights Presentation
2020 CCMP Tracking Highlights Presentation
2019 CCMP Strategy Tracking Database (excel download, also available for viewing via Google Sheets HERE )
CCMP Strategy and Performance Measures & Key Deliverables for 2019 and 2020 Reporting

Delaware Estuary Monitoring Inventory & Assessment Documents
Monitoring Inventory, Workshop, and Survey Results Summary Report
Delaware Estuary Monitoring Inventory: Download Excel Worksheet or view on Google Sheets
Monitoring Workshop Summary Report
Monitoring Survey Results Report
Delaware Estuary Monitoring Inventory Poster
NOAA Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) with Delaware Estuary Monitoring Inventory layer (see map below)
CCMP Revision Documents
2017 Technical Report for the Delaware Estuary and Basin
Phase 2 Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report
Revised CCMP Public Comment Period Summary Report
CCMP Climate Vulnerability Assessment Summary Report
CCMP Expert Workshops Summary Report
June 19th CCMP Webinar Presentation Slides
National Estuary Program – Delaware Estuary Program Frequently Asked Questions
PDE Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018
CCMP Strategy Estimated Costs