MINA Report

The Monitoring Inventory and Needs Assessment (MINA) report was approved in December 2021 as an addendum to the 2019 CCMP and will be updated every 5 years. Input from partners and stakeholders throughout the Estuary about monitoring activity is and will continue to be included in this report to better understand status of monitoring needs, identify and address existing and potential gaps, and prioritize vulnerable aspects of the estuary to better manage its attributes.

PDE encourages project planners and managers to review the FAQs associated with the report below to learn more about funding opportunities, how to better connect current projects to CCMP initiatives, and how to orient future projects to better achieve CCMP strategies in the future.

The MINA report was approved for the Delaware Estuary Program in December 2021 and can be read HERE.

Where can I find CCMP strategies, monitoring needs, or current priorities?

The CCMP, and all its related products and reports, can be found HERE.

Where can I find more detail about the current monitoring activities that are relevant and applicable to CCMP strategies?

The primary way to find information about all current or past monitoring projects is through the
Delaware Estuary Baseline Monitoring Inventory Database, housed on PDE’s CCMP webpage.
This spreadsheet, available as a direct Excel workbook download or a Google Sheet, provides
information regarding project leads/entities, applied methodologies, and associated CCMP
strategies, among other relevant details.

Where can I find grant opportunities to support the CCMP strategies, monitoring needs, or priorities?

The following entities have supported CCMP strategies in the past and their websites can be periodically checked for new funding opportunities:

Consistently reviewing postings of funding opportunities will better orient your organization to potentially implementing a project that aligns with CCMP strategies.

What steps can I follow to make connections between my monitoring efforts and CCMP strategies?
  • Familiarize yourself with CCMP strategies
  • Subscribe to PDE’s Estuary News 
  • Participate in workshops and meetings, such as PDE’s Science and Environmental Summit as well as other meetings local within the Estuary and national meetings or conferences
  • Develop research questions framed around CCMP goals and strategies
  • Synthesize data in the context of CCMP strategies and priorities into final report(s) or other products
  • Contribute to the annual MINA update information gathering tool to have your projects’ monitoring data, lessons learned, and syntheses included in the 2026 update of the MINA