Freshwater Mussel Recovery News & Reports!

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Morning Ag Clips – ‘Livers of our rivers’ could help clean Pa. wataers – July 29, 2021
MediumTake Me to the River Bottom – May 3, 2021


The Washington PostCan tens of thousands of mussels help save the polluted Anacostia River?– October 23, 2019
Knowable MagazineThe Hidden Strengths of Freshwater Mussels – June 21, 2019
The Inquirer – Half a Million Mussels to be Hatched Yearly at Bartram’s Garden– January 15, 20129
Delaware Public Media-Planned multi-million-dollar Mussel Hatchery Meant to Improve Water Quality-January 16, 2019
WHYYFreshwater Mussel Hatchery at Bartram’s Gardens Aims to Provide Natural Filter for Pa. rivers, stream-January 22, 2019


The Review – NATURAL SELECTIONS: Andorra’s Lance Butler grows mighty mussels – September 5, 2018
Keystone Edge – Putting some mussels into PA rivers – July 25, 2018
State Impact  – Philadelphia bets millions that restoring mussels in the Delaware River Basin can improve water quality – May 2, 2018


WHYY 90.9 FM Newsworks: Restoring mussel populations and improving water quality in northern Delaware  – August 30, 2017
WDEL 101.7 FM & 1150AM: Video | SUEZ Delaware Operations ‘mussels’ in to give Delawareans cleaner water – August 30, 2017 Phila. Shows Off its Mussels in World’s First City-owned Hatchery – February 17, 2017
WHYY 90.9 FM Newsworks: Philly exhibit elevates lowly mussels as water-filtration wonders – February 14, 2017
Philadelphia Inquirer 
Mussel mania comes to Fairmount Water Works – February 13, 2017


WHYY-TV 12 PBS First – Flexing Delaware’s mussels – October 7, 2016

2010 – 2015 – Surprising Wild Animals Spotted in Philadelphia – April 2015
Yale e360 Natural Filters: Mussels Deployed To Clean Up Polluted Waterways – March 2015
Grid Magazine – Hard-working Mussels: A new effort brings the mysterious mussel back to a Philadelphia waterway – November, 2014
Exel, Drexel University’s Research Magazine – The Underdogs – June 2012
WHYY 90.9 FM Newsworks – On the Hunt for Disappearing Fresh Water Mussels – May 18, 2012
National Geographic – Delaware River Basin Mussels: Freshwater Species of the Week – May 18, 2012
NOAA Press – Mussel Memory: How a Long-Term Marine Pollution Program Got New Life – June 11, 2012
Montgomery News – Lower Salford Asked to Help Fund Mussel Study – June 07, 2012
CBS Philadelphia – Estuary Needs Help Finding Mussels – May 27, 2012
Philadelphia Inquirer – Surprising Survivors – January 17, 2011
Philadelphia Inquirer – Mussel Find Suggests Delaware River Health – November 26, 2010

Reports & Presentations

Year Publication Download
2021 Chesapeake Bay Foundation STAC Workshop Report - Incorporating Freshwater Mussels into the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Efforts (For more information, visit Download PDF
2018 Restoration of Several Native Species of Bivalve Molluscs for Water Quality Improvement in Mid-Atlantic Watersheds. Danielle Kreeger, Catherine M. Gatenby and Peter W. Bergstrom. Journal of Shellfish Research, vol. 37: 1121-1157. Download PDF
2018 Juvenile Freshwater Mussel Stocking for Water Quality Enhancement in Southeast Pennsylvania Waters Report No. 18-06 Download PDF
2017 Freshwater Mussels, pp. 271-277. In: Technical Report for the Delaware Estuary & Basin 2017. Danielle Kreeger, Kurt Cheng. (Haaf, L., S. Demberger, D. Kreeger, and E. Baumbach, Eds.) Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. Report No. 17.07. 255 pp. Download PDF
2017 Comparative Evaluation of Native Bivalve Species Restoration for Water Quality Improvement in the Chesapeake Bay and Other Mid-Atlantic Watersheds. PDE Report No.17-05 Download PDF
2016 A national strategy for the conservation of native freshwater mollusks. Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. Freshw. Mollusk Biol. Conserv. 19:1-21. Download PDF
2015 Assessing the Status of Freshwater Mussels within Longwood Gardens. PDE Report No. 15-07. Download PDF
2015 Current Status and Restoration of Freshwater Mussels in Northern Delaware. PDE Report No. 15-04. Download PDF
2015 Freshwater Mussel Scientific Research and Community Involvement for Improved Water Quality in the Urban PA Coastal Zone. PDE Report No. 15-02. Download PDF
2014 Re-Introduction of Freshwater Mussels into Red Clay and White Clay Creeks, DE. PDE Report No. 14-02. Download PDF
2014 The Re-Introduction of Freshwater Mussels to the Mainstem Skippack Creek. Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. Sponsored by the Lower Salford Township Authority. PDE Report No. 14-01. Download PDF
2014 Monitoring fitness of caged mussels (Elliptio complanata) to assess and prioritize streams. Matthew Gray & Danielle Kreeger. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. vol. 24. pp. 218-203 Download PDF
2013 A Freshwater Mussel Recovery Strategy for the Delaware Estuary and River Basin. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. April 2013. 7 p. Download PDF
2013 Freshwater Mussel Diversity and Abundance Versus Depth in a Tidal Estuary. Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Philadelphia Water Department, and USEPA. Poster presented at the 2013 Conference of the Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation. San Diego, CA.   Download PDF
2013 Importance of Freshwater Mussels for Water Quality in the Tidal Delaware River: Preliminary Findings from Quantitative Surveys in 2012 . Danielle Kreeger, Melanie Mills, Lance Butler, Roger Thomas, Priscilla Cole. Presentation at the 2013 Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit. Download PDF
2013 Spatial Relationships Between Sediment Composition and Freshwater Mussel Distribution in the Tidal Delaware River: Preliminary Findings. Lance Butler, Jim D’Agostino, Danielle Kreeger, Roger Thomas, Melanie Mills, Priscilla Cole. Presentation at the 2013 Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit. Download PDF
2013 Distribution of Freshwater Mussels in Relation to Depth in the Tidal Delaware River. Roger Thomas, Melanie Mills, Danielle Kreeger, Priscilla Cole, Lance Butler. Poster presentation at the 2013 Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit. Download PDF
2013 Connecting People to Aquatic Biodiversity: Freshwater Mussel Surveys in Pennsylvania's Coastal Zone. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. PDE Report 13-02. Download PDF
2012 Freshwater Mussel Recovery Program in the Delaware Estuary. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. Report No. 12-02. pp.42 Download PDF
2012 Guidebook: Freshwater Mussels of the Delaware Estuary. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Download PDF
2012 Blue Collar Bivalves Working Magic for Ecosystems. Academy of Natural Sciences Town Square. March 5, 2012 Download PDF
2011 Recent Discoveries of Rare Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae) in the Urban Corridor of the Delaware Estuary. Delaware Estuary Science and Enviornmental Summit, Cape May NJ. January, 2011 Download PDF
2011 Proceedings of the 2011 Delaware Estuary Science and Environmental Summit. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. Download PDF
2011 Kreeger, D. Physiological Processing of Suspended Matter by Freshwater Mussels in Rivers of Eastern Oregon. A Final Report for the Freshwater Mussel Research and Restoration Project. February 26, 2011 Download PDF
2010 Musseling our way from the Headwater to the Bay: Shellfish as a Basis for Restoration Ecosystem. Padeletti A.T., Kreeger D.A., Whalen L. Download PDF
2010 Freshwater Mussel Recovery for Water Quality and Habitat Improvement in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Seminar at Fairmount Water Works Interpretative Center, 2/17/10, Philadelphia, PA Download PDF
2009 Musseling our way from the Headwaters to the Bay; Shellfish as a basis for ecosystem restoration Annual conference given at the Coastal and Estutrine Research Federation, 11/5/09, Portland, OR Download PDF
2009 Healthy Bivalves = Healthy Watersheds: Rebuilding Bivalve Biodiversity, Populations and Ecosystem Services as a Basis for Ecosystem Restoration. Plenary talk at the Freshwater Mollusc Conservation Society biennial conference, 4/24/09, Baltimore, MD Download PDF
2009 Restoring our Past with Mussel Power in the Freshwater Portion of the Delaware Estuary Watershed. Poster for the National Shellfisheries Association 3/23/09, Savannah, GA Download PDF
2009 Muscling our way to restoration of the Delaware Estuary with the lightfoot mussel (Elliptio complanata). Poster for the Delaware Science and Environmental Summit 1/12/09, Cape May, NJ Download PDF
2008 From the headwaters to the coast: a watershed-based perspective on bivalve shellfish restoration. Danielle Kreeger, David Bushek. J. Shellfish Res. 27(4):1022.
2007 Mussel Power - Can it Help Clean the Bay?. Chesapeake Quarterly, Maryland Sea Grant College, Volume 6, No 2, 2007 Download PDF