Cyndi Slothour

Office Administrator

Cyndi Slothour is PDE’s Office Administrator. As such, she is responsible for assisting in the day-to -day operations of the company’s main office. Cyndi comes to PDE with a background as a professional administrative assistant for over 25 years in Wilmington, Delaware. She has also volunteered with a non-profit rescue facility in Pennsylvania that involved aiding in the rescue, rehab and rehoming of companion parrots. Cyndi’s love of all things nature and beauty drew her to PDE when she heard about the position. She enjoys watching the wildlife along the Christina River, making the office the perfect place to work, and for taking a little break to admire the view…especially the birds! Cyndi’s favorite pastime is spending time with her husband Scott and her dog, and two macaws, on their back porch listening to classic rock music. She also enjoys making and having Sunday dinner for her son Joe, and his girlfriend. Cyndi doesn’t have much experience in the Estuary, but she intends to gain some.
To contact Cyndi, please call (302) 655-4990, or email at