2013 Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit

Monday, January 27


Keynote: Shifting Baselines in Mid-Atlantic Estuaries (Dr. Victor Kennedy)
Lunch Presentation – Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River (Clay Sutton)
Session 1 – The State of the Delaware Estuary and River Basin Author(s)
Key Findings from the 2012 Technical Report for the Delaware Estuary and Basin (TREB) and Next Steps Danielle Kreeger, Susan Kilham, Jennifer Adkins, Priscilla Cole
Historical Climate Change and Variability in the Delaware River Basin Raymond Najjar, Andrew Ross, Danielle Kreeger, Susan Kilham
A Positive Assessment of the Status of the Delaware River American Shad Stock and its Fisheries Desmond Kahn, Russell Allen, Daryl Pierce, Dave Arnold, Jerry Mohler
Assessment of Water Quantity and Quality Indicators in the 2012 TREB John Yagecic, David Sayers
From “Sediment” to “What’s Mud Got to Do With It”: Methods to Make Technical Reports Public Friendly Lisa Wool, Elizabeth Horsey
Session 1 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve: 20 Years Advancing Coastal and Estuarine Conservation, Research and Education Kimberly Cole, Charles Bishop, Jennifer Holmes, Michael Mensinger, Kate Marvel, Christina Pinkerton, Robert Scarborough, Drexel Siok, Kenneth Smith, Kelly Valencik, James Wicks
The Variability of Delaware River Streamflow and its Relationship to Dominant Modes of Climate Variability Justin Schulte, Raymond Najjar
Investigating Changes in Land Cover, Habitat and Bird Biodiversity in a Lower Delaware Watershed Town; Haddonfield, NJ from the late 1800s to 2012 Ron Smith, Rosy Tucker


Session 2 – Changing Conditions, Shifting Baselines Author(s)
Coastal Resiliency - Economics for Changing Environment Jim Eisenhardt, Mike Powell, Tony Pratt, Steve Eberbach, Rob Koechert
A High-Resolution Study of Tidal Range Changes in the Delaware Bay: Past Conditions and Future Scenarios George Hall, David Hill
Challenging Tides: Results of Delaware's Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Susan Love, Carl Yetter, Tricia Arndt, Sarah Cooksey, Robert Scarborough, Kelly Valencik
Prime Hook NWR - Providing Science for Management Robert Scarborough, Michael Mensinger, Drexel Siok, Christina Pinkerton, Kenneth Smith, Susan Guiteras, Annabella Larsen, Fred Wurster
Influences on Subtidal Salinity Variability and Change in the Delaware Estuary Andrew Ross, Raymond Najjar
Session 2 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve – Becoming A Sentinel Site for Climate Change Research, Monitoring and Education Robert Scarborough, Christina Pinkerton, Michael Mensinger, Drexel Siok, Kenneth Smith, Kelly Valencik
MADE CLEAR: Maryland and Delawaree Climate Change Education Assessment and Research Donald B. Boesch
Session 3 – Urban Environmental Education Author(s)
Moving Watershed Outreach Upstream: Success Stories in Replicating Innovative Philadelphia Watershed Projects in Upstream Communities Tom Davidock
Discovering Our Urban Waterways Demetrius Marlowe, Jim Cumming, Julia VanderWoude
Uniting Artists and Urban Residents for Green Infrastructure Actions Maryann Helferty
Session 3 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Environmental Awareness Festival Joy Best
4-H Environmental Ambassador Program Jeannette Rea-Keywood
Session 4 – Water Quality and Quantity Author(s)
A Novel Approach to Estimating Monthly Salt Marsh Contributions to Oxygen Deficit in the Murderkill Estuary from Hourly Sensor Data Anthony Aufdenkampe, William J. Ullman
Pilot Study of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Delaware Estuary Using Passive Diffusion Sampling Technology William Burton, Richard Greene, Gregory M DeCowsky
Assessment of the Impact of Best Management Practices on Surface Water Quality Within a Small Agricultural Watershed Anastasia Chirnside, Robert Jorgensen, Alison Kiliszek
Clean Waterways in Wilmington – Green Infrastructure Planning and Implementation to Improve Water Quality and Support Public Space Molly Julian, Altje Hoekstra, Mary Neutz, Amanda Tolino, Gary Schwetz
Temporally Dynamic Representations of Delaware Basin Continuous Data Sets John Yagecic
A Spatially Detailed Assessment of Total Nitrogen Loads in the Delaware River Basin Jeff Fischer, Richard B. Moore
Assessment of Metals in Estuarine Waters Gregory Cavallo, Thomas Fikslin, Namsoo Suk, Ronald MacGillivray, Douglas Haltmeier
Session 4 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Clean Hands Metals Sampling Techniques Gregory Cavallo, Thomas Fikslin, Namsoo Suk
Demonstration of the Kiliszek Water Quality Indices (Kwqi) Model: Kwqi Calculation Utilizing Water Quality Data from a Small Agricultural Watershed Anastasia Chirnside, Alison Kiliszek
A Suburban Assessment of Storm Drains; Implications for Non-point Source Pollution, Neighborhood Initiatives and the Education Imperative Jeffrey Eker, Julia Gross, Jared Novak, Ron Smith
The Kent County Land Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory: Real-time Hourly Determination of Water Quality in the Delaware Bay Ecosystem, SUPPLEMENT William Ullman, William Gagne-Maynard, Sarah J. Fischer, Yoana G. Voynova
WaterSMART Water-use Studies in the Delaware River Basin Jeffery M. Fischer, Ward O. Freeman
Naturalizing Dry Detention Basins to Create Water Quality and Pollinator Habitat Benefits Mike Haberland, Chasity Williams, Craig McGee
Long-term Measurements of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Sediment Oxygen Demand in the Delaware Estuary David Walsh, Josef Kardos, Phil Duzinski, Ramona Stammermann, David Velinsky, Jeff Cornwell, Mike Owens
Hydro-ecological investigation of legacies in urban stormwater management: towards a holistic strategy for improving water quality Luc Claessens, Gerald Kauffman
Development of a Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model in the Delaware River and Bay system Mingshun Jiang, Maarten von Ormondt, Edwin Welles
Session 5 – Community Based Education: Planning for the Future Author(s)
The weTable: A Tool for Participatory Geospatial Planning Ed Lewandowski, Bryan Hall, Carol Bason, Nicole Minni
Weathering Change with Communities Sari Rothrock
Polling Activity – Charting the Course for an Evolving Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

Tuesday, January 29


Plenary - Managing Land Use, Fish Habitat, and Fisheries in a Large and Diverse Estuary (Jim Uphoff)
Session 8 – Living Resources Author(s)
Oyster Mortality and Disease in Delaware Bay: Impact and Recovery Following Hurricane Irene and TS Lee David Bushek, Daphne Munroe
Improving Ecological Flow Science in the Main Stem Delaware River: The Decision Support System in the Delaware River Jeffrey C. Cole, Kelly O. Maloney
Importance of Freshwater Mussels for Water Quality in the Tidal Delaware River: Preliminary Findings from Quantitative Surveys in 2012 Danielle Kreeger, Melanie Mills, Lance Butler, Roger Thomas, Priscilla Cole
Juvenile hard clam survival in response to different dietary fatty acids during seasonal temperature decline Sixto Portilla
Session 8 – Associated Posters Author(s)
The Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) Enhancement Initiative Eleanor Bochenek, Michael DeLuca, Steven Carnahan, Lisa Calvo, Brenda J. Landau
Competition Between Red-bellied Turtles (Pseudemys rubriventris) and Invasive Red-eared Slider Turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans) Steven Pearson, Harold Avery, James Spotila
Distribution of Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae) in Relation to Depth in the Tidal Delaware River Roger Thomas, Melanie Mills, Danielle Kreeger, Priscilla Cole, Lance Butler
Commercial Production of Ribbed Mussels Dave Jones, Brenda Landau, Matt Neuman
Session 7 – Managing Shifting Environments: Is a Paradigm Shift Needed?
Carol Collier
Sarah W. Cooksey
(DNREC Delaware Coastal Program)
Shawn M. Garvin
(USEPA Region 3)
Kelly Heffner
Jill Lipoti


Session 9 – Monitoring & Assessment Author(s)
The Delaware Coastal Flood Monitoring System John Callahan, Kevin R. Brinson, Daniel J. Leathers, Linden S. Wolf
The Delaware Monitoring and Analysis Center Christina Callahan
A View from the Cloud: A Cloud-based GIS Tool Simplifying Site Analysis for PHI Rachel Edelstein
Synoptic Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring in the Barnegat Bay Watershed Helen Pang, Trish Ingelido, Barbara Hirst, Ariane Giudicelli, Jill Lipoti
Ten Years of Classroom Examinations of Water Quality in the East Branch Brandywine Creek, Pennsylvania: 2002-2012 Charles Shorten
Session 9 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Index of Biotic Integrity Study Above and Below a Dam to be Removed on the Darby Creek, Drexel Hill, PA Kathryn Goddard, Adam DiCaprio, Rachael Vietheer
Using the Flowcam for Algae Monitoring: One Year’s Worth of Data and What it Reveals Anne Harvey, Ivanna Szpilczak
Cape May Lewes Ferry Monitoring – a Developing Community Resource Jonathan Sharp, Yoana Voynova, Eric Yoder
The Delaware Geologic Information Resource (DGIR) John Callahan
Lunch Presentation – Water Words that Work (Eric Eckl)
Session 10 – Wetlands & Other Habitats Author(s)
A Closer Look at Delaware Wetland Trends 1992-2007 Mark Biddle, Andrew Howard, Alison Rogerson, Rebecca Rothweiler
Site-specific Intensive Monitoring of Wetlands of the Delaware River Estuary and Barnegat Bay Tracy Elsey-Quirk, David Velinsky, Danielle Kreeger, Angela Padeletti, Martha Maxwell-Doyle
The Condition of Wetlands in the Murderkill Watershed, Delaware Andy Howard, Alison Rogerson
Marsh Vulnerability Index: Assessing the Health of Delaware’s Marshes Drexel Siok, Bartholomew Wilson, Robert W. Scarborough, David B. Carter
The Relationship Between Carbon Burial and Sediment Deposition in Salt Marshes: A Comparison of a Coastal Lagoon and Coastal Plain Estuary in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. Viktoria Unger, Susan Kilham, Tracy Quirk, Chris Sommerfield, David Velinsky
Extent and Distribution of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) in the Delaware Estuary Renee Searfoss, Sherilyn Morgan
Session 10 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Assessing the Impacts of Boater Activity on Mass Transfer of Shorelines of the Barnegat Bay, NJ Wes Bickford, Dorina Frizzera
Above- and Below-ground Biomass Densities at Salt Marsh Sites in Delaware and Barnegat Bays Melanie Mills, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, David Velinsky, Danielle Kreeger, Angela Padeletti, Martha Maxwell-Doyle
Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Production in Tidal Marshes Along the Salinity Gradient in the Delaware River Estuary: Implications of Salt Water Intrusion for an Important Ecosystem Service Michael Lang, Nathaniel B. Weston
Sediment Accretion and Marsh Elevation in Estuary Enhance Program Sites Kurt Philipp
Comparative analysis ofcoastal wetland health in the Delaware Estuary assessed using rapid methods Angela Padeletti
Session 11 – Water (and Weather) Words that Work (Part1) Author(s)
Water Words that Work Eric Eckl
Session 12 – Restoration, Enhancement & Conservation Author(s)
Fish Production and Habitat Use in a Large-scale Wetlands Restoration Project Kenneth Strait
From Stream to Tap: Protecting Drinking Water through Stream Restoration Jennifer Cass, Tim Schueler, Chris Roumbas
Quantifying the Success of the Fairmount Fishway Restoration Project: A Key to Sustainable Migratory Fish Populations in the Schuylkill River Lance Butler, Joseph Perillo
Updating the Riparian Buffer Assessment Mapping for Southeastern Pennsylvania Streams Susan Myerov, Drew Shaw
Does the Macroinvertebrate Community of a Restored Delmarva Bay Mimic a Natural Bay? Elanor Stevens, Lauren E. Culler, Alan Leslie, Robert F. Smith, William O. Lamp
Does Stream Restoration Really Create Habitat? - Quantifying Instream Habitat Using Two-dimensional Hydrodynamic Analysis Gerald Bright
The Watershed Resources Registry: An Integrated Approach to Watershed Management Ralph Spagnolo, Dominique Lueckenhoff, Mike Hoffman, Carolyn Steinberg, Ellen Bryson
Session 12 – Associated Posters Author(s)
The Effectiveness of Using the Gulf Savers® Bag for Spartina alterniflora in Marsh Restoration at Popcorn Beach, Pass a Loutre WMA, Venice, Louisiana Lawrence Malizzi, Leslie Carrere, PJ Marshall, Marv Marshall, Margo Moss, Alan Parsons
The Delaware Estuary Living Shoreline Initiative (DELSI): Field Reconnaissance and Living Shoreline Conceptual Planning Joshua Moody, Laura Whalen, Danielle Kreeger, David Bushek
Conservation of Biodiversity Yared Beyene Kidanemariam
The Power of Partnerships: Meaningful Conservation Progress by an All-volunteer Non-profit Matthew Sarver, Bill Stewart, Joe Sebastiani
Session 13 – Water (and Weather) Words that Work (Part 2) Author(s)
Water Words that Work Eric Eckl

Wednesday January 30

Session 15 – What’s Mud Got to Do With It? Author(s)
What’s Mud Got to Do with Sea Level Rise? Sediment Supply and Marsh Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Delaware Estuary Nathaniel Weston
Comparison of Sediment Accumulation and Accretion in Impounded and Unimpounded Marshes of the Delaware Estuary Brandon Boyd, Christopher K. Sommerfield
Insights Into Seasonal Organic Carbon Cycling in the Delaware Estuary from N-alkane Biomarker and Stable Carbon Isotopes Anna Hermes, Elisabeth L. Sikes
Regional Sediment Management - Sediment Dynamics/Quantity Jeff Gebert
Regional Sediment Management - Sediment Quality Joel Pecchioli, Scott Douglas, John Yagecic, Dave Burke
Regional Sediment Management - Overview J. Bailey Smith
Session 15 – Associated Posters Author(s)
The Role of Sediment Deposition in Predicting Marsh Response to Sea-Level Rise Molly Haggerty, Nathaniel B. Weston
Emergency Dredging – Delaware River Philadelphia to Trenton Kenneth Goldberg
Session 16 – Ecological Linkages Author(s)
Estimates of Net Community Production in the Upper Delaware Estuary Daniel Tomaso, Raymond G. Najjar
What Controls the Lower Delaware Bay Primary Production in the Summer: Wind-Driven Coastal Upwelling or Discharge Variability? Yoana Voynova, Jonathan H. Sharp
Spatial Relationships Between Sediment Composition and Freshwater Mussel Distribution in the Tidal Delaware River: Preliminary Findings Lance Butler, Jim D’Agostino, Danielle Kreeger, Roger Thomas, Melanie Mills, Priscilla Cole
Collaborative Shellfish Modeling Fosters Better Shellfishery Management Daphne Munroe, John M. Klinck, Eileen E. Hofmann, Eric N. Powell
Environmental and Ecological Research in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey (2012 – 2014) Thomas Belton, Gary Buchanan, Joseph Bilinski, Bruce Ruppel, Robert Hazen, Lee Lippincott
Sensitivity Studies of Physical Environments in Delaware Bay to Climate Changes in near Future: Preliminary Results Zhiren (Joseph) Wang, Dale Haidvogel, John Wilkin, David Bushek, Susan Ford, Eric Powell, Eileen Hofmann
Session 16 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Archaeal Populations in Local Delaware Sediments Bingran Cheng, Megan Nogan, Jennifer Biddle
Seasonal Patterns of ?15N and ?18O of NO3- in the Murderkill River Watershed and Estuary, DE Sarah Fischer, William Gagne-Maynard, William Ullman, Joanna York
Development of a Theoretical Basis for Modeling Disease Processes in Marine Invertebrates Eileen Hofmann, David Bushek, Susan Ford, Ximing Guo, Daphne Munroe, Eric Powell, Dale Haidvogel, John Wilkin, Julia Levin, John Klinck
Session 17 – Physical Processes Author(s)
Salt dispersion in Delaware Bay Estuary Maria Aristizabal, Robert Chant
A Numerical Study of Salt Fluxes in Delaware Bay Estuary Robert Chant, Maria Aristizabal
Sources and Composition of Dissolved and Particulate Organic Matter in the Delaware Estuary Hadley McIntosh, J.E. Bauer, E.A. Canuel
High Resolution Numerical Models of Tidal Marshes in the Delaware Bay Ramona Stammermann, Michael Piasecki
Fight or Flee: The Sea Level Rise Scenario - An Alternative ID Adaptation Douglas Janiec
Session 17 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Sediment Dynamics in the Delaware Estuary Jacqueline McSweeney, Robert J. Chant
Evaluation of Water Level Forecasts from Hydrodynamic Models in Delaware Bay Linden Wolf, Kevin Brinson, Daniel Leathers, John Callahan, Weihan Chan, Alison Hayes
Session 18 – Collaboration and Communication Author(s)
In this Together: Building Lasing Coalitions Brenna Goggin
Watershed Monitoring, Training and Educational Programs in the Andes-Amazon Basin of Peru and How to Make This a Sustainable Effort Dina DiSantis
Avian Protection Program of a Power Delivery Company Cristina Frank
Session 19 – Innovative Outreach Author(s)
Engaging K-12 Audiences Through Hands-on Experiences and Data-based Activities Chris Petrone
Doggie Pageants and Poo-lution Prevention Cheryl Jackson, Arthur Holst
“Got Mussels?” Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Volunteer Mussel Survey Program Deanne Ross
Session 20 – Hot Topics Author(s)
Toxicity Testing in Ambient Water Quality Assessment Ronald MacGillivray, Thomas Fikslin, John Jackson, David Funk, Christopher Nally
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Improved Water Quality in the Christina Basin of Delaware and Pennsylvania Gerald Kauffman
Pennsylvania Moving Land for Air Travel Calvin M. Davenger
Evaluating Coastal Hazard Management Alternatives Under Changing Environmental Conditions for Seven Delaware Bay Communities Steve Eberbach, Michael Powell, Jim Eisenhardt, Mark Osler, Michael Baker Jr., Rob Koechert
Sector Delaware Bay Area Contingency Plan – Status, Changes, Updates Jerry Conrad
Session 20 – Associated Posters Author(s)
Soil Nutrient Drain of Biofuel Crop Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass) Joni Baumgarten, Dr. John Dighton