State of the Estuary

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is responsible for publishing a “State of the Estuary Report” every three to five years.  This serves as a scientific health exam of the tidal Delaware River and Bay, as well as the land draining to them in coastal Delaware, southern New Jersey, and Southeast Pennsylvania.

Two complimentary reports were produced in 2012. One was a public-friendly “State of the Estuary Report" (PDF file) published as a special issue of Estuary News. The other was a robust "Technical Report for the Delaware Estuary and Basin," with contributions from expert authors working throughout the region (PDF file). The purpose of both reports is to provide readers with insight into the status and trends of select natural resources in the Delaware Estuary Watershed.

The information from these reports is used to track the progress being made toward implementation of the PDE’s “Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan,” created in 1996. See the table at right for access to reports from 2008 and 2002 (PDF files).

State of the Estuary Report cover


Public Report

Technical Report


(State of the Basin)



(CCMP p.19-66)


Please contact Dr. Danielle Kreeger for information about the “State of the Estuary Report” and Dee Ross to request copies.