Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

PDE Secures Major Investment

The William Penn Foundation granted over $630,000 to the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary on April 3. This will support collaborative efforts to improve two of the region’s most critical sources of water; Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill River and South Jersey’s Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer. Projects that conserve land and reduce farm runoff will help to prevent pollution in the Schuylkill River. This is important because the Schuylkill is the Delaware River and Bay’s largest tributary. Efforts in South Jersey will help to monitor and conserve the region’s dwindling supply of groundwater. For further details, please click here.

Help Us Rally Supporters for the River and Bay

You can help the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary improve the tidal Delaware River and Bay by being a champion for its cause. We are seeking volunteers to help with a whole host of activities in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These include indoor activities, like general office help, assisting with mailings, website updates, and Web-based research. They also include outdoor fun, like assisting at community festivals in the tri-state area, stream studies, tree plantings, transporting shells for recycling, and video production.

If you enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places, then you might be just the person we need. We will even provide you with training, if necessary. Both short-term and long-term commitments are welcome.

Please fill out our volunteer interest survey. The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary will use this to follow up with you.

2013 Activity Report Now Available

Each year, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary takes a look back on what it accomplished last year. It does this to recognize the support it received, the partnerships it put into action, and the work its science and education teams achieved in the streams, wetlands, and communities of the Delaware Estuary. The 2013 Activity Report sums up all this work in one neat, easy-to-read, picture-filled brochure. Download your digital version today!

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is a nonprofit organization established in 1996 to take a leadership role in protecting and enhancing the Delaware Estuary, where fresh water from the Delaware River mixes with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of 28 Congressionally designated National Estuary Programs throughout the coastal United States working to improve the environmental health of the nation's estuaries. Its staff works with partners in three states to increase awareness, understanding, and scientific knowledge about the Delaware Estuary, the region's most important cultural, economic, and recreational resource.


The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, a National Estuary Program, leads science-based and collaborative efforts to improve the tidal Delaware River and Bay, which spans Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.