Mikki K. Schoendorf

Shellfish Science Intern

Mikki Schoendorf is the Shellfish Science Intern for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. Their experience observing changing reef dynamics as a scuba diving instructor ignited their passion for conservation and aquatic ecology, inspiring them to pursue a degree in environmental biology at Drexel University. As a science intern, Mikki assists with both field and laboratory projects at PDE, primarily working on freshwater mussel research with the shellfish team. Mikki spent many years exploring prior to returning to academics, working a variety of jobs in several different countries around the world. Prior to working for PDE, their most exciting career moment was being pooped on by a whale shark while surveying an underwater site in the Philippines. Mikki moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2016 and now lives in Manayunk with their partner and very enthusiastic dog. Mikki enjoys chocolate lava cake, bioluminescence, and dog walks in the woods.
Mikki can be reached at mschoendorf@delawareestuary.org or (302) 655-4990.