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Droplet's Journey

Welcome to Water Wednesday, April 21

Explore the waterways of Wilmington as you follow the adventure of Droplet- a drop of rainwater falling from the sky, right on Wilmington, Delaware.

In this choose your own adventure story, you’ll discover all the places around Wilmington that help our water quality and the living things that depend on it- like us! Finish the adventure and figure out the essential message to win a special prize package, available for up to 50 packages. Target age range is 4th to 6th grade, but open to all ages!

Read the story and complete the submission form below to redeem your prize package. Note: only the first 50 submissions will receive a package.


Try-it Giveaway: Learn more about the land you live on. What watershed do you live in? What Indigenous Nations lived (and continue to live) in the Wilmington region before it was settled? Enter HERE, starting Monday, April 19th! Read the official sweepstakes rules here.

Prize: a rain barrel and diverter kit