The Regional Restoration Initiative (RRI) began in 2008 to provide a science-based decision support system to proactively guide restoration. In a climate of limited funding, the RRI prioritizes activities with the greatest “bang-for-the-buck” with maximum ecological and community uplift.

To read details about the RRI, see the: Regional Restoration Blueprint Report

The Project Registry was created as a clearinghouse for restoration projects, serving a wide range of science and policy goals. Complimentary RRI tracks involve a 1) Science workgroup which vets projects, identifies high value restoration activites, and seeks to fill project gaps, and a 2) Policy & Consensus track which coordinates priorities and promotes high ranking projects among restoration decision makers. The four focus areas of the RRI are forested headwaters,urban waterfronts, bivalve shellfish, and wetlands.

The Project Registry has been temporarily disabled to make improvements.