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Year Publication Download
2021 Chesapeake Bay Foundation STAC Workshop Report - Incorporating Freshwater Mussels into the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Efforts (For more information, visit Download PDF
2019 Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary. January 2019 Download PDF
2018 Developing Monitoring Plans for Living Shoreline Projects in Delaware: A Goal-Based Framework Download PDF
2018 A Community Resource Guide for Planning Living Shorelines Projects Download PDF
2017 Building Ecological Solutions to Coastal Community Hazards A Guide for New Jersey Coastal Communities Download PDF
2016 A national strategy for the conservation of native freshwater mollusks. Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. Freshw. Mollusk Biol. Conserv. 19:1-21.
2016 A Framework for Developing Monitoring Plans for Coastal Wetland Restoration and Living Shoreline Projects in New Jersey. The Nature Conservancy; The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, April 2016 Download PDF
2015 Shellfish Panel White Paper. Daphne Munroe and Lisa Calvo, Rutgers University. April 2015 Download PDF
2013 State of the Delaware River Basin. Delaware River Basin Commission. April 2013 Download PDF
2013 Kreeger, D.A. 2013.  Analysis of particulate nutrients and seston weights from 2009 to 2011 at Delaware Bay oyster stations. Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Final Report to Rutgers University as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Delaware River and Bay Monitoring Study. August 28, 2013. 40 p. Download PDF
2012 Endangered Atlantic Sturgeon in the Delaware River Require Higher Standards for DO. Desmond M. Kahn and Matthew Fisher, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, Dover Delaware, June 4, 2012 Download PDF
2011 Delaware River Basin Conseravation Initiative. The Nature Conservancy; Partnership for the Delaware Estuary; Natural Lands Trust. Sept, 2011. Download PDF
2011 Economic Value of the Delaware Estuary Watershed. Kauffman, G. 2011. Institute for Public Administration, University of Delaware. June 2011. 78 pp. Download PDF
2011 Delaware County, PA - Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risk
(Vulnerability Assessment & Planning Workshop Results & Recommendations)
Download PDF
2010 Anderson, R.M. and D. A. Kreeger. 2010. Potential for impairment of freshwater mussel populations in DRBC Special Protection Waters as a consequence of natural gas exploratory well development. Written testimony to the Delaware River Basin Commission. November 23, 2010. 14 p. Download PDF
2009 Invasion biology of the Chinese mitten crab Eriochier sinensis: A brief review. 2008. Ana I. Dittel and Charles E. Epifanio. Elsevier: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 14 pp. Download PDF
2008 Kreeger, D. A. and C.M. Gatenby. 2008.  From local to regional: contrasting the water processing and restoration potential of native bivalves throughout the Delaware Estuary and its watershed Proceedings of the 2nd Delaware Estuary Science Conference & Environmental Summit. Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Report No. 08-02. 113 p.  Download PDF
2008 State of the Delaware Basin Report, Technical Summary. 2008. University of Delaware. Gerald Kauffman, Andrew Belden, and Andrew Homsey. Institue for Public Administration, Water Resources Agency. Download PDF
2007 Authors - anon. 2007. Prospective Environmental Restoration / Restoration Up Front. Proceedings of a Workshop, San Ramon, California, September 6-7, 2006". Published, February 27, 2007. 40 pp. Download PDF
2006 Church T.M., C.K. Sommerfield , D. J. Velinsky and others 2006. Marsh Sediments as Records of Sedimentation, Eutrophication and Metal Pollution in the Urban Delaware Estuary, Marine Chemistry 102(1-2): 72-95. Download PDF
2006 Powell, Eric (for the Oyster Group...). 2006. 2005 Shell-Planting Program in Delaware Bay. 9 pp. Download PDF
2006 Powell, Eric, et al. 2006. Report of the 2006 Stock Assessment Workshop (8th SAW) for the New Jersey Delaware Bay Oyster Beds. 81 pp. Download PDF
2006 Ashley, J., D. Libero, E. Halscheid, L. Zaoudeh and H. Stapleton. 2006. Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in American Eels from the Delaware River, USA. 23 pp. Download PDF
1997 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Delaware Estuary Coordinating Conference (January 30, 1997, Penn Ryn Mansion, Bensalem, Pennsylvania): Compendium of Estuary Activities.
1996 Delaware Estuary: Discover its Secrets: A Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary, Battelle Ocean Sciences. Please email Karl S. Heinicke for complete report on CD or print media.
1995 Local Actions, Regional Strategies: Sustainable Development Forum II (June 13-14, 1995, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.
1994 Fish Consumption Patterns of Delaware Recreational Fishermen & their Households
1994 Nonpoint Source Forum: Seeking Common Ground Solutions to Nonpoint Source Pollution (August 2-3, 1994, Mendenhall, Pennsylvania).
1993 Assessment of Selected Delaware Estuary Economic and Natural Resources Values, by Greeley-Polhemus Group, Inc., January 1993.
1993 Effects of Historic Dredging Activities and Water Diversions on the Tidal Regime and Salinity Distribution of the Delaware Estuary, Najarian Associates, February 1993.
1993 Projected Vessel Casualties and Hazardous Spills in the Delaware River and Delaware Bay, 1990-2010, by Jack Faucett Associates, April 1993.
1993 Regional Monitoring Strategy Questionnaire.
1993 Survey of Benthos: Delaware Estuary: From the Area of the C&D Canal through Philadelphia and Trenton, by Environmental Consulting Services, Inc., December 1993.
1993 Trace Element Speciation and Behavior in the Tidal Delaware River, by G. F. Riedel and J. G. Sanders, the Academy of Natural Sciences, Benedict Estuarine Research Laboratory, January 1993.
1992 An Assessment of Fisheries Landings Records in the Delaware Estuary, by K. A. Killam and W. A. Richkus, Versar, Inc., September 1992.
1992 Assessment of Phytoplankton Species in the Delaware River Estuary, by H. G. Marshall, Old Dominion University, November 1992.
1992 Characterization Summary and Synthesis Report for the Delaware Estuary Program Preliminary Conservation and Management Plan, by Mary Downes Gastrich, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy, January 1992.
1992 Clean Water Works, Water Resources Activity Guide, Grades K-12, by Gloucester, NJ Board of Chosen Freeholders, October 1992.
1992 Clean Water Works, Watershed Management Plan, Gloucester County, NJ, Planning Department, by Greeley-Polhemus Group, Inc., October 1992.
1992 Comprehensive Analysis of Transport, by Jack Faucett Associates, October 1992.
1992 Cumberland County, Delaware Estuary Study, Vol. I, Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species, by Herpetological Associates, Inc., October 1992.
1992 Cumberland County, Delaware Estuary Study, Vol. III, Land Use Recommendations, by Board of Chosen Freeholders, October 1992, W. A. Richkus, Versar, Inc.
1992 Delaware Estuary Monitoring Programs Inventory and Assessment, Roy F. Weston, Inc., July 1992.
1992 Delaware Estuary Program Annual Report. 1992
1992 Delaware Estuary Regulatory Programs Inventory and Assessment, Roy F. Weston, Inc., October 1992.
1992 Factors Limiting Primary Production in the Urban Delaware River, by J. G. Sanders and G. F. Riedel, the Academy of Natural Sciences, Benedict Estuarine Laboratory, December 1992.
1992 History and Forecasts of Commodities and Vessel Traffic; Report of Task One of Comprehensive Analysis of Transport, by Jack Faucett Associates, June 1992.
1992 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Phase 1 Strategy for Future Land Use in the Delaware Estuary, by Greeley-Polhemus Group, Inc., June 1992.
1992 Red/White Clay Creeks Demonstration Projects, Chester County Conservation District, November 1992.
1991 A Finite Element Model for Stratified Flow RMA-10 User's Guide, Version 4.2, Ian P. King, Resource Management Association for DELEP.
1991 An Assessment of Key Biological Resources in the Delaware River Estuary and Appendices, by Versar, Inc., June 1991.
1991 Habitat, Status and Trends in the Delaware Estuary, by Dynamac Corp., September 1991.
1991 Hydraulic Controls on Delaware Estuary Water Quality, Joseph DiLorenzo.
1991 Inventory and Assessment of Historic Water Quality Data Sets; Part One: Status and Trend Analysis; Part Two: Annotated Bibliography by Najarian Associates, May 1991. Download PDF
1991 Issues Paper: Options for Implementing Land Use Management and NPS Pollution Control for the Delaware Estuary, Greeley-Polhemus Group, Inc.
1991 Land Use Management Strategy for the Delaware Estuary. Briefing Paper Number 1: Delaware Estuary Environmental Problems and Existing Land Use Management Programs, Greeley-Polhemus Group.
1991 Land Use Management Strategy for the Delaware Estuary. Briefing Paper Number 2: Discussion of Land Use Control Options to Protect Delaware Estuary Water Quality, Greeley-Polhemus Group.
1991 Status and Trends of Toxic Pollutants in the Delaware Estuary, by Division of Environmental Research, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, May 1991.
1991 The State of the Delaware Estuary, Individual Papers from the October 19, 1989 Workshop, J. H. Sharp (Ed) 1991.
1990 Final Report: Delaware Estuary Program Land Use Management Inventory and Assessment, by Greeley-Polhemus Group, Inc., December 1990.
1990 Recommendations for a Research Program Responsive to Management Needs for Information to Ensure the Values and Uses Desired for the Delaware Estuary in 2020, by J. R. Schubel, and William M. Eichbaum, Coast Institute of the Marine Sciences Research Center, October, 1990.
1989 Issues paper for discussion at the Delaware Estuary Program workshop: working together to enhance and preserve the estuary, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences.
1989 The state of the Delaware Estuary: individual papers from the October 19, 1989 workshop.
1988 Bacterial production in the Delaware Bay Estuary estimated from thymidine and leucine incorporation rates. Kirchman David L.;Hoch Matthew P. Download PDF
1988 Chlorophyll distributions in the Delaware Estuary: regulation by light-limitation. Pennock Jonathan R. Download PDF
Birding Guide to Cumberland County, New Jersey, a guide to birding opportunities and visitor services. Herpetological Associates, Inc.
Delaware Estuary Monitoring Report.
The Thousand Acre Marsh Wetland Rehabilitation Project: An Innovative Approach to Management of Private Lands. DELEP Report Number 96-03 (Limited Copies).