2009 Science & Environmental Summit


Event Session Date
Monday Keynote and Plenary Presentations
Session 1. Climate Change (Joint Special Session) Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Session 2. Living Resources and Ecological Processes (Concurrent) Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Session 3. Marketing Your Message (Concurrent) Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Session 4. Horseshoe Crabs (Concurrent) Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Session 5. Setting Conservation Priorities (Concurrent) Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Session 6. Poster Session (Joint) Monday 12, Tues. 13, Wed. 14 Jan. 2009
Live Polling on Estuary Priorities- Live Polling Results & Written Results Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Ad Hoc Panel: State of the Delaware Estuary & River Basin Monday 12 Jan. 2009
Tuesday Session 7. Restoration, Enhancement, & Conservation (Concurrent) Tuesday 13 January 2009
Session 8. Pollutants & Contaminants (Concurrent) Tuesday 13 January 2009
Session 9. Panel Discussion- PDE Steering Committee (Joint) Tuesday 13 January 2009
Session 10. Wetlands & Other Habitats (Concurrent) Tuesday 13 January 2009
Session 11. Outrageous Outreach (Concurrent) Tuesday 13 January 2009
Session 12. Indicators & Monitoring (Concurrent) Tuesday 13 January 2009
Session 13. “Fun”-damental Fundraising Tuesday 13 January 2009
Wednesday Session 14. Water Quality & Quantity I (Concurrent) Wednesday 14 Jan. 2009
Session 15. Partnership Approaches: Working with Schools, Local Government, and Communities (Concurrent) Wednesday 14 Jan. 2009
Session 16. Physical Processes (Concurrent) Wednesday 14 Jan. 2009
Session 17. Water Quality & Quantity II (Concurrent) Wednesday 14 Jan. 2009
Session 18. Hot Topics (Joint) Wednesday 14 Jan. 2009

Science Conference Presentations

Session Presenters Title (Presentation No.) File Type
Keynote Speaker Jerry Schubel “You Talkin’ To Me” No File
Session 1

Climate Change (Invited Speakers)

12 January 2009

Moderators: Dorina Frizzera & Nathaniel B. Weston

S. Jeffress Williams Sea-level rise and storm effects on coastal systems under changing global climate. PDF File of Talk
Mike Szabados Understanding Sea Level PDF File of Talk
John D’Agostino New Jersey Coastal Management & Planning for Delaware Bay Coastal Hazards PDF File of Talk
David Carter Local planning for climate change adaptation in a social environment of scientific uncertainty No file
Ray G. Najjar Climate projections for Delaware Bay and its watershed No file
Danielle Kreeger Adapting to changing climate, watersheds and ecological interactions in the Delaware Estuary PDF File of Talk
Session 2

Living Resources and Ecological Processes

12 January 2009

Moderators: Susan Kilham & Roger Thomas

Eric N. Powell Multiple stable points in oyster populations PDF File of Talk
Kathryn Ashton-Alcox The Delaware Bay shell planting program after 3 years: oyster recruitment enhancement and carbonate budget PDF File of Talk
Eileen E. Hofmann Understanding disease resistance in estuarine populations and response to climate change No file
Shawn Shotzberger Reframing introduced species policy in the Delaware Estuary Watershed PDF File of Talk
Gurdeep Bains Can plant & microbial biochemistry contribute to understanding of invasion ecology? No file
Steven Pearson Resource overlap and potential competition between invasive red-eared slider turtles and threatened native red-bellied turtles in the upper Delaware Estuary. PDF File of Talk
Session 3

Marketing Your Message

12 January 2009

Peter Mitchell Marketing Your Message No File
Session 4

Horseshoe Crabs (Special Session)

12 January 2009

Roy W. Miller Complexities and challenges of managing horseshoe crabs in an ecosystem context PDF File of Talk
Robert E. Loveland Sands of time: survival of the grittest PDF File of Talk
Mark L. Botton The importance of horseshoe crabs in the ecology of Delaware Bay: more than just bird food? PDF File of Talk
James F. Cooper The expanding role of Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) reagent in the global pharmaceutical industry PDF File of Talk
David R. Smith Adaptive management of horseshoe crabs and red knots in Delaware Bay: could it be home at last? PDF File of Talk
Glenn A. Gauvry Survival of the worlds four horseshoe crab species requires a global perspective No File
Session 5

Setting Conservation Priorities

12 January 2009

Martha Corrozi Narvaez, Maureen HS Nelson White Clay Creek state of the watershed report PDF File of Talk
Jennifer Adkins Prioritizing land protection to protect source water in Schuylkill River PDF File of Talk
Priscilla Cole Building Consensus on Priorities for the Delaware Estuary: The PDE Alliance for Comprehensive Ecosystem Solutions PDF File of Talk
Session 6

Poster Session

Monday and Tuesday

Shaun Bailey.   ecodelaware.com. PDF of Poster
Kelly Bemis, Jeremy Bell, Eric Requa, Lindsay Cappa, Steven Ordog, and Kathryn Goddard-Doms.  Differences in parasite burden in two species of fish throughout the Darby Creek watershed. PDF File of Poster
Jill R. Brown and Douglas C. Miller. Changing distributions of the sandbuilder worm Sabellaria vulgaris : multiple survey methodology for intertidal habitats in Delaware Bay. PDF of Poster
David Bushek, Susan Ford, Ximing Guo, Iris Burt, Brenda Landau, Coren Milbury, Emily Scarpa and Liusuo Zhang. Field and laboratory studies to understand disease resistance in the Delaware Bay oysters and response to climate. PDF of Poster
David Bushek, Brian Marsh and Peter Van Veld.  An assessment of a methoprene-containing insecticide on horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) using proteomics and observations of embryonic development and survival. PDF of Poster
Priscilla Cole and Danielle Kreeger. The Delaware Estuary Climate Ready Pilot:  Vulnerability Assessment and adaptation Planning. PDF of Poster
Stephen K. Davis, Lawrence D. Malizzi, Dennis Petrocelli and Doug Lashley. How prospective restoration or restoration up front could be used in the Delaware River watershed. PDF of Poster
Aaron Gibson, Frank Marenghi, and Gulnihal Ozbay. Assessment of artificial oyster habitat for blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) population in Delaware’s Inland Bays. PDF of Poster
Matthew W. Gray,  Danielle Kreeger and Angela Padeletti.  Monitoring fitness of caged mussels (Elliptio complanata) to assess and prioritize streams for restoration in Southeastern Pennsylvania. PDF of Poster
Simeon Hahn, Anthony Dvarskas, Jill Bodnar, Danielle Kreeger, Laura Whalen, Paul Racette, and Lance Butler.  Regional restoration planning case study in the Delaware Estuary:  Ecosystem valuation along an urban waterfront. PDF of Poster
Dale B. Haidvogel, John Wilkin and Joseph Wang. Modeling circulation and transport pathways for oyster larvae in Delaware Bay. PDF of Poster
Rebecca L Hays and William J. Ullman.  Eulerian sampling of marsh effluents for the determination of nutrient exchange between the Murderkill Estuary and adjacent salt marshes. PDF of Poster
Andrew Homsey. Development of hydro-geomorphic modifiers for Delaware’s wetlands in the Delaware Estuary. PDF of Poster
Richard J. Horwitz, Paul F. Overbeck, David H. Keller, and Shane M. Moser.  American eel abundance: recent trends in southeastern Pennsylvania. PDF of Poster
 Young-Heon Jo and Richard T. Field.  Estimation of water constituents in hyperspectral measurements in Rehoboth and Indian River Bay. PDF of Poster
B. G. Katz, R. G. Najjar and M. E. Mann. Potential impact of changing sea level and streamflow on salinity of the upper Delaware Bay. PDF of Poster
Danielle Kreeger, Jennifer Adkins, Laura Whalen and Priscilla Cole. A science-based regional restoration initiative in the Delaware Estuary. PDF of Poster
Jerry Mead, Fredrick Scatena, Richard Horwitz, Yude Pan and Richard Birdsey. The growth potential of stream fishes as affected by changes in water temperature driven by climate and land-use in the Delaware River basin. PDF of Poster
Douglas C. Miller and Stephen L. Gardiner. Acquisition, curation and digitization of a collection of Delaware Estuary benthic invertebrates from over fifty years ago. PDF of Poster
Douglas C. Miller and Danielle Kreeger. Hard-bottom sampling methodology and characterization of a “sponge garden” in the Broadkill Slough as part of the Delaware Estuary Benthic Inventory. PDF of Poster
Joshua Moody and David Bushek, Danielle Kreeger, Angela Padeletti and Laura Whalen. The Delaware Estuary Living Shoreline Initiative (DELSI). PDF of Poster
Kristen Much, Lydia Civello, Sarah Wadsworth and Kathryn Goddard-Doms.  Using macroinvertebrates and fish to assess the effects of Ithan Creek restoration through Radnor Valley Country Club, Delaware Co. PA. PDF of Poster
Kenneth F. Najjar, Maggie Allio, J. Kent Barr, Pamela V’Combe, Michael Stokes, Drew Shaw, Alexis Melusky, Liz Feinberg and Khiet Luong.  Water resources planning in estuary watersheds: the Upper Wissahickon Creek pilot study. PDF of Poster
Diego A. Narváez,  John M. Klinck, Eileen E. Hofmann, Eric N. Powell, Dennis Hedgecock. The effect of immigration on disease resistance in an oyster population: a numerical model study. PDF of Poster
Ronald L. Ohrel, Jr, Lisa Tossey, Tamara Beeson, Elizabeth Boyle and Kimberly Doucette. Passport to personal action in Delaware Bay. PDF of Poster
Angela T. Padeletti, Danielle A. Kreeger, Catherine M. Gatenby, Steven G. Hughes, Roger L. Thomas, Rosemary Malfi and Heidi Tucker-Wood. Musseling our way to restoration of the Delaware Estuary with the lightfoot mussel (Elliptio complanata). PDF of Poster
Kelly A. Peeler, Jonathan H. Sharp, Yoana Voynova and Adam Pimenta. Primary production measurements along the Murderkill River. PDF of Poster
S. Stephen Platt.  Geologic sequestration: a proposed alternative to combat climate change. PDF of Poster
Tatjana Prša, Nathaniel B. Weston and Melanie A. Vile. Changes in metabolic activity and community composition of sulfate reducing bacteria in tidal freshwater marsh soils in response to climate change and saltwater intrusion. PDF of Poster
Nicole A. Raineault, Art C. Trembanis and Douglas C. Miller.  Hard-bottom benthic habitats in Delaware Bay: Spatial and temporal dynamics. PDF of Poster
Roger Reinhart.  Stormwater infiltration practices and class V injection wells. PDF of Poster
 Alex Riter, Michael S. Kearney and Amy Jacobs.  Assessment of Delaware Bay tidal wetland condition and change from 1993 to 2008. PDF of Poster
Alison B. Rogerson, Amy D. Jacobs and Andrew M. Howard.  The use of two wetland rapid assessment methods in Delaware. PDF of Poster
Deanne C.T. Ross. Telling the story…Sharing the successes of the Schuylkill Watershed initiative grant and the Schuylkill Action Network. PDF of Poster
 Rebecca Rothweiler, Amy Jacobs, Mark Biddle, Gary Kreamer, and Stephen Williams Delaware wetlands conservation strategy. PDF of Poster
 David E. Russell, Danielle Kreeger, Angela Padeletti, Laura Whalen, Rene Searfoss, Jim Gouvas, Steven Donohue, Amie Howell, Charles Strobel, Henry A. Walker, Bartholomew Wilson, Douglas C. Miller and Irene Purdy. Survey of Delaware Estuary soft-bottom benthic communities:  sampling design and 2008 field work. PDF of Poster
Jonathan H. Sharp.   Water quality monitoring as the backbone for Delaware Estuary ecosystem understanding. PDF of Poster
Oluchi Ukaegbu and Gulnihal Ozbay. Investigating growth and cellular response of Prorocentrum minimum and Karlodinium veneficum across salinity gradient: application of molecular methods for species-specific quantification. PDF of Poster
William J. Ullman, Mäella A. Dréan, Joseph R. Scudlark and Hassan Mirsajadi.  Preliminary assessment of annual nutrient loads to the Murderkill Estuary, Delaware:  watershed, wastewater, and atmospheric contributions. PDF of Poster
David Velinsky, Don Charles, Roger Thomas and Christopher Sommerfield. Tidal marshes in the Delaware Estuary: historical reconstruction of chemical loadings and ecosystem effects. PDF of Poster
Laura Whalen and Danielle Kreeger.  Native Vegetation Classification System (NVCS):  On-the-ground application of NVCS and future plans. PDF of Poster
Karen Johnson and Laura Whalen. Partnerships developed through the Corporate Environmental Stewardship Program (CESP).  PDF of Poster
Kelly Wolfe, Erika Farris and Maureen Nelson.  It’s easy being blue. PDF of Poster
Brandon W. Muffley and Lynette LurigSurvey of New Jersey’s recreational blue crab fishery in Delaware Bay. (#13) PDF of Poster
Paula Zelanko, Erin McKinley, Jeffrey T.F. Ashley, Marcel Vasquez, Richard Horwitz and David Velinsky.  Trophic relationships within Tinicum Marsh, Philadelphia, PA: Insights from the stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen. PDF of Poster
Session 7

Restoration, Enhancement, & Conservation

13 January 2009

Elizabeth Ciuzio Using the important bird areas program as a model for conservation planning in the Delaware Estuary PDF File of Talk
Cristina Frank Mapping priority areas for conservation in the Delaware Estuary: applying a GIS model to delineate important bird areas PDF File of Talk
Shandor J. Szalay Project headwaters: a new framework for watershed restoration in the Delaware Estuary PDF File of Talk
Lance H. Butler Evaluating the use of Fairmont Dam fish passage facility with application to anadromous fish restoration in the Schuylkill River, PA PDF File of Talk
Kathy Bergmann Red streams blue: a subwatershed approach to restoring the estuary PDF File of Talk
Christopher F. Miller The USDA-NRCS, Cape May Plant Materials Center- a case study in developing a revegetation plan for a brownfield site in Cape May County, NJ PDF File of Talk
Joe Berg Improvements to natural channel design in urban estuarine watershed PDF File of Talk
Session 8

Pollutants & Contaminants

13 January 2009

Jeffrey M. Fischer Occurrence of organic wastewater-related compounds in streams entering the Delaware Estuary No File
A. Ronald MacGillivray Contaminants of emerging concern in the tidal Delaware River PDF File of Talk
Jeffrey T.F. Ashley Bioaccumulation of PCBs and PBDEs within a tidal freshwater marsh PDF File of Talk
Robert Hindt Development and implementation of a pollutant minimization plan for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) in the Delaware Estuary PDF File of Talk
Paula Conolly Unused pharmaceuticals education and disposal program in Philadelphia PDF File of Talk
Jeffrey M. Fischer A spatially detailed assessment of nutrient loading in the Delaware River basin No File
Session 9

Panel Session- Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow’s Estuary

13 January 2009

Session 10

Wetlands & Other Habitats

13 January 2009

Nathaniel B. Weston The impact of climate change and sea-level rise on tidal freshwater marshes of the Delaware River Estuary PDF File of Talk
Jim D’Agostino, Jr. Mingo Creek freshwater tidal wetland restoration: wetland creation in an urban reach of the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PDF File of Talk
Amy Alsfeld-Nazdrowicz Effects of woody debris, microtopography, and organic matter amendments on the biotic community of constructed wetlands and their applications for wetland mitigation PDF File of Talk
Alison B. Rogerson The condition of wetlands in the St. Jones Watershed, Delaware and application to restoration and protection targeting PDF File of Talk
Tracy Elsey Consequences of interspecific variation in nitrogen and carbon pools of salt marsh plants PDF File of Talk
Bartholomew Wilson Utilizing benthic mapping, biotelemetry, and 3-D GIS to assess sturgeon habitat in the Delaware River and Bay PDF File of Talk



Session 11

Outrageous Outreach

13 January 2009

Deanne C.T. Ross Shhh-don’t tell them you’re teaching- PA Coast Day PDF File of Talk
Kimberly B. Cole Thank You Delaware Bay- Developing an estuary awareness campaign PDF File of Talk
Crystal G. Gilchrist Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy: The challenges of reaching and inspiring No File
Lisa D. Tossey A PSA facelift-bringing traditional media up to the multimedia age PDF File of Talk
Barry Lewis Getting the word out: Stormwaterpa, a multi-media blueprint for success No File
Chris Strohmeier Techniques to Promote Streambank Fencing to the Plain Sect Farming Community PDF File of Talk



Session 12

Indicators & Monitoring

13 January 2009

E.F. Vowinkel National monitoring network for coastal waters and their tributaries: the Delaware River basin demonstration project PDF File of Talk
Y. Voynova Long-term water quality trends in the Delaware Estuary from the boat run database PDF File of Talk
Greg Murphy A watershed-level tool for assessing ecological conditions in the Delaware Estuary PDF File of Talk
Jane Fava Streambank erosion and deposition assessment protocol: a tool for monitoring watershed restoration projects PDF File of Talk
Jessica Rittler Sanchez Environmental results management: the role of indicators PDF File of Talk

Session 13


13 January 2009

Andy Robinson “Fun”-damental Fundraising No File

Session 14

Water Quality & Quantity (1)

14 January 2009

Gerald J. Kauffman Water quality trends in the Delaware River basin from 1980 to 2005 PDF File of Talk
Youness Sharifi Numerical investigation of contamination transport on beaches under tidal influences No File
Adane M. Bobo Groundwater flow for tide induced Alaska Prince William Sound beach No File
Yu-Hsiang Weng Innovative sampling technique for monitoring naturally occurring colloidal particles in groundwater PDF File of Talk

Session 15

Partnership Approaches: Working with Schools, Local Government & Communities

14 January 2009

Lisa Calvo Today’s students, tomorrow’s stewards- promoting oyster restoration through schools PDF File of Talk
James M. Eisenhardt Stone harbor bird sanctuary habitat restoration project~ it takes a whole village PDF File of Talk
Karen Johnson & Laura Whalen Partnerships developed through the Corporate Environmental Stewardship Program (CESP) No File
Lisa Wool Dog waste reduction through education and community partnerships PDF File of Talk

Session 16

Physical Processes

14 January 2009

David Osgood Quantifying sediment retention within a restored headwater floodplain in the Delaware Bay watershed PDF File of Talk
Sherestha Saini Transport of horseshoe crab eggs and sediment over a tidal cycle on a sandy foreshore in Delaware Bay, New Jersey PDF File of Talk
Erik Haniman Estimating bank erosion in the Wissahickon Creek Watershed: a bank pin monitoring approach PDF File of Talk
Joe Berg Replacing incised headwater channels and failing stormwater infrastructure with regenerative stormwater conveyance PDF File of Talk
John A. Madsen Using high-resolution 3D geophysical methods to constrain offshore sand resources for beach replenishment: Results from the Delaware Bay benthic mapping project PDF File of Talk
Nicole A. Raineault Effects of bulkheads on estuarine beach swash zone processes and beach characteristics PDF File of Talk

Session 17

Water Quality & Quantity (II)

14 January 2009

Ali Abdollahi-Nasab Saltwater flushing by freshwater in a laboratory beach No File
Anthony K. Aufdenkampe The role of a salt marsh in processing estuarine carbon and nitrogen: A complete species and isotope seasonal balance No File
Adam R. Pimenta Using DIC analysis to accurately quantify estuarine community metabolism PDF File of Talk
Thomas E. McKenna Characterizing tidal inundation of wetlands in the Murderkill Estuary (Kent County, Delaware) PDF File of Talk
Brian Dzwonkowski Variability of sea-level and volume flux in the Murderkill River Estuary PDF File of Talk
Andrew J. Thuman Tidal water quality modeling in the Murderkill River No File

Session 18

Hot Topics

14 January 2009

Gary R. Brown Dredge sediments: Upgraded and sustainable operations No File
Jennifer L. Halchak Getting to the root of salinized bayside farmland managemen PDF File of Talk
Kelley H. Appleman Measuring the recreational use value of migratory shorebirds in the Delaware Estuary PDF File of Talk
Michel C. Boufadel Contingency planning for oil spills in the Delaware Estuary No File
Elizabeth Methratta Evaluating the risk of initiating a reproductive population of Suminoe oysters from Triploid Aquaculture in Chesapeake Bay PDF File of Talk
Dan Soeder Possible Water Resources Impacts from the Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling in the Delaware Basin PDF File of Talk