Congratulations, Halo! The new 2022 Clean Water Spokesdog.

June 13th, 2022 News

Congratulations, Halo!


HHalo the Spokesdogalo, a pit bull terrier mix, won this year’s Clean Water Spokesdog competition by getting the most likes on social media throughout the contest, which ran through the month of May. For the next year, she’ll be Water Woman’s sidekick and canine representative for clean water! 

As Spokesdog, Halo will teach Philadelphians about the impact dog waste can have on local waterways, and that responsible pet owners always pick up after their dogs. Many people don’t realize that dog waste is a pollutant, with each deposit containing roughly 3 billion bacteria. Unlike cow or horse waste, dog poop cannot be used as fertilizer and should never be left to decompose naturally. Especially in developed urban areas like Philadelphia, dog waste can wash into nearby storm drains during rain events. These drains lead directly to local waterways, such as the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, Philadelphia’s very own drinking water sources. The new Spokesdog will have a tall order ahead of them to keep our waterways clean, but this year’s contestants are up to the task!


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